Deck 1 Overview | Command Seating | Conn Station

On Intrepid-class starships the command seats are located side-by-side in the center of the bridge.

On the USS Voyager the captain and executive officer sit next to each other in the center of the bridge, immediately behind the conn. The commanding officer sits in the right chair. The two chairs are flanked by bench-like seats which can be used by any other officers who might wish to join them. The central position of the command chairs ensures that both officers have a clear line of communication to all other bridge stations. The ops console is directly above and behind the second-in-command, on the port side of the bridge, while the main tactical station is behind the captain to the right. The lowered position of the conn, directly in front, allows an uninterrupted line of sight to the main viewscreen.

There is a single terminal between the two chairs built into the central armrest. When it is needed it flips up, but otherwise it folds away unobtrusively. It can be accessed from either position, and is routinely used to access information from the ship's sensors.

This means that the captain or first officer can instantly access relevant data about vessels that might be approaching Voyager, planets near the ship, or stellar phenomena. This terminal can also be used to access the LCARS system, which stores all the information in the ship's database, and to initiate and monitor alerts. In order to use some functions, the user must enter his or her command codes.

The central console is particularly useful if the captain or the first officer want to view sensitive information or take a private message without having to leave the bridge.