The Intrepid-class began service in 2370's, as one of Starfleet's most advanced starships. They measure 344 meters in length and weigh 1.5 million tonnes. There are 15 decks, with an average crew compliment of about 150 officers. The Intrepid's smaller size makes it far more maneuverable than other larger starships. They are also among the fastest in Starfleet with a normal cruising speed of warp 6, a sustainable maximum velocity of warp 9, and can reach an incredible warp 9.975 for up to 12 hours. Using variable geometry warp nacelles with a folding wing-and-nacelle configuration the Intrepid is able to reduce the damage to the fabric of space caused by warp fields. Built to carry enough fuel (antimatter and deuterium) for three years of continious use, it utilizes an antimatter generator, but the small quantum charge reversal device cannont provide enough antimatter for a long mission.

The Intrepid is armed with standard Starfleet weaponary. There are several phaser arrays and four photon torpedoes. They also have the ability to land on the surface of a planet. The structual strain of landing the ship is absorbed by the structual integrity system, and the ground hover footpad system. This is a set of four stablization pads that allow the ship to hover over the ground; they gently cushion the landing without damaging the hull.

There are two main computer cores, one located in the center of the saucer section, and the other is in the engineering hull. Both cores are linked to all the computer access terminals via the optical data network (ODN). The ODN system uses the small isolinear optical chips which as an enormous memory capacity, which is also used in other equipment such as a tricorder, and bio-neural gel packs.

The sickbay had holographic emitters installed to operate the new Emergency Medical Hologram system, thus turning it practically into a holodeck. There are also two shuttlebays, and several cargo bays in the saucer and engineering hull. The aeroshuttle, located under the saucer, is designed to be used for interstellar and atmospheric flight. It shares a similar design to the Danube-class runabout, but with a aerodynamic wings.

The Intrepid-class was designed by series production designer Richard D. James and senior illustrator Rick Sternbach. The photographic miniature was built by Tony Meininger and photographed under the supervision of visual effects producer Dan Curry. Digital versions of the ship were also used for some computer-generated visual effects by Santa Barbara Studios, Digital Muse, and Foundation Imaging.

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USS Bellerophon NCC-74705
   Starship that transported Admiral Ross and Dr. Bashir to Romulus in 2374.
   It is possible that this is Admiral Ross' flagship to the Ninth Fleet.
   "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" - DS9.
USS Intrepid NCC-74600
   Part of the fleet to rendezvous with the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E to intercept the Reman warship Scimitar.
   LCDR Chakotay mentioned serving onboard the Intrepid while on the Species 8-4-7-2 recreation of Starfleet Headquarters on Earth.
   "In The Flesh" - VOY. "Star Trek: Nemesis"
USS Voyager NCC-74656
   While on a mission to the Badlands in 2371 Voyager was taken 70,000 light years across the galaxy to the Delta Quadrant.
   See Voyager page for more information.
   "Star Trek: Voyager"

Type: Scout
Length: 344m
Beam: 130m
Mass: 1,500,000 tonnes
Speed: 9.975
Crew: 150
Armament: Seven Type 10 phasers
Four torpedo launchers