Federation transport ships of the early 24th century.

USS Constantinople NCC-34852
   In 2365, the Constantinople suffered a hull breach near Gravesworld while carrying 2,012 colonists.
   Named for the Turkish city now known as Istanbul.
   "The Schizoid Man" - TNG.
USS Havana NCC-34043
   Scheduled to rendezvous with the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D after studying the Bersallis firestorms of 2369.
   Named for the capital of Cuba.
   "Lessons" - TNG.
USS Sarajevo NCC-38529
   Believed to be destroyed by the Dominion after being lost in the Gamma Quadrant prior to 2371.
   Named for the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
   "In Purgatory's Shadow" - DS9.