The Sovereign-class one of the most advanced starships of the Federation Starfleet as of the late 24th century. Construction of the first Sovereign-class vessel began in 2365 at the San Francisco Fleet Yards and was completed in 2372. The launch of the ship was on stardate 49827.5. Only two ships of this class are in service. They are among the most state of the art classes in the entire Federation Starfleet, engines, computers, and weapons are all highly advanced systems.

Even though it has yet to be seen the Sovereign-class does have the ability to perform emergency saucer separations for combat situations. They have two shuttlebays, one on the primary hull and the other at the end of the engineering hull which carry even the most advanced Type 11 shuttlecraft. Another type of support craft is the Captain's Yacht which is located underneath the primary hull. When deemed necessary the Sovereign-class can be piloted by a joystick that rises from the floor on command and is tied into helm control.

Only one ship of this class has been seen, the Enterprise, and the understood class ship USS Sovereign, no other ships of this class are known to exist. It seem likely however that Starfleet will make plans to put this class into mass production if they haven't already.

The Sovereign-class was designed by production designer Herman Zimmerman with illustrator John Eaves. Rick Sternbach did the working construction drawings of the model, which was built at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

A possible registry for the USS Sovereign as NCC-75000 has been more or less approved by Mike Okuda.

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USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E
   Sixth starship to bear the name, launched in 2372.
   See Enterprise-E page for more information.
   "Star Trek: First Contact" "Star Trek: Insurrection" "Star Trek: Nemesis"

Type: Explorer
Length: 685m
Beam: 314m
Mass: 3,205,000 tonnes
Speed: 9.7
Crew: 855
Armament: Ten Type 10 phasers
Three torpedo launchers