Star Trek: Insurrection featured three types of Starfleet vessels.

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Star Trek: Insurrection starship concept art

The holoship is essentially an enormous flying holodeck. Its warp nacelles are built right into the vessel, it also has impulse engines as well. The holoship has a small bridge which is located on the top of the vessel, at the rear. The roof and walls of the bridge are transparent, resembling an observation dome. There are about three decks and 14 long-range transporters, the rest of the ship is holodeck. It is capable of atmospheric flight and surface touchdown. It is unknown if there are any other ships of this type, and since Starfleet use of cloaking technology if forbidden by the Treaty of Algeron it is highly unlikly that any others would have a cloaking device. Another possibility is that the holoship was originally a freighter which had its internal structure redesigned.
The Federation scout ship is a small vessel that is equipped with warp and impulse engines; almost exactly the same size as a Daunbe-class runabout, but it is more heavily armed, carrying both phasers and torpedoes. The scout ship is small enough to enter a starship's shuttlebay. The warp nacelles are encased in the main body of the ship, as on Defiant-class ships; the twin impulse engines are housed in two spurs that project from the back of the vessel. The cockpit is designed for only one pilot, in front of the cockpit section is the navigational deflector array. The class of the scout ship is as-yet unknown, it carries the registry number NCC-75227, it is unknown if this number belongs to the craft itself or it's mothership. The purpose of this ship, perhaps for short-range space travel, or even a new replacement for Danube-class runabouts remains unclear.

The PC game Star Trek: Armada refers this class as Venture-class, however that is still uncanon.
The Captain's Yacht is a large auxiliary craft that is normally docked on the underside of the saucer section, in a direct line beneath the bridge and immediately below the saucer section quantum torpedo launcher. It is considerably larger than a shuttle or even a Danube-class runabout. When it is docked, crew members can easily walk on or off the yacht from the ships corridors. The Captain's Yacht was designed as a multipurpose vechicle, but is principally used for diplomatic missions or for the captain's personal use. When docked the Captain's Yacht uses power from the ship, however once launched it is a completely independent craft, equipped with transporters, phasers, and warp and impulse engines with the capacity to enter a planet's atmosphere.

The Captain's Yacht onboard the Enterprise-E was named Cousteau and was destroyed above the Ba'ku planet in 2375 by the Son'a. The Cousteau was named in honor of French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.