The Norway-class was designed in the 2350's as a small attack ship, possibly in response to the Cardassian war.

The Norway-class starship was designed by Alex Jaeger at ILM. It was rendered as a computer-generated visual effect for Star Trek: First Contact. An image of a Norway-class ship can be seen on the wall of a bar at Species 8-4-7-2's recreation of Starfleet Command in the Voyager episode "In the Flesh".

USS Budapest NCC-64923
   Fought the Borg Cube in the attempted invasion of 2373.
   Named for the European city.
   "Star Trek: First Contact"

Type: Medium Cruiser
Length: 335m
Beam: 225m
Mass: 622,000 tonnes
Speed: 9.7
Crew: 190
Armament: Six Type 10 phasers
Two torpedo launchers