One of the earliest Federation vessels, it was possibly the first vessel to operate under the aegis of the United Federation of Planets. The ships were small, slow and poorly armed. The Daedalus-class was retired in 2196.

A conjectural design for this class, based on an early Enterprise design by Matt Jefferies was built by Greg Jein, is pictured above. This model has been seen as a desktop display in Sisko's office in Deep Space Nine.

Daedalus Class Problems (EAS)

USS Archon NCC-189
   Disappeared at Beta III in 2167 when it was pulled from orbit by a computer called Landru.
   "Return of the Archons" - TOS.
USS Carolina NCC-160
   Used by the Klingons in a hoax to prevent the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 from returning to Capella IV.
   During the time of the episode this class had been retired. Two possibilities are that this Carolina was of a different class, or it was the    same class, not actually in service since the Klingons were trying to deceive the Enterprise. The diagram of the Carolina shows its    registry as NCC-235.
   "Friday's Child" - TOS.
USS Essex NCC-173
   Commanded by Captain Bryce Shumar, destroyed in 2167 at Class-M moon of Mab-Bu VI. It's crew of 229 were killed.
   "Power Play" - TNG.
USS Horizon NCC-176
   Destroyed in 2168, its distress call didn't reach Federation space until 2268.
   "A Piece of the Action" - TOS.

Length: 105m
Crew: 230