Federation patrol ships of the 24th century in service in the 2360's - 2370's.

There is no entry for the Andromeda-class starships in the Star Trek: Encyclopedia (Vol.3). The Encyclopedia lists both USS Drake's from TNG and DS9 in the same entry.

USS Drake NCC-70956
   Ambushed by a Klingon battle group in 2373 and took heavy casualties. Docked at Deep Space 9 for medical aid.
   Named after English admiral Sir Francis Drake who first circumnavigated Earth.
   "Apocalypse Rising" - DS9.
USS Prokofiev NCC-68814
   Dispatched to the Federation-Cardassian Demilitarized Zone in 2370.
   Named after the Russian composer of Peter and the Wolf.
   "Tribunal" - DS9.