Starbase 231
Deanna Troi attended a class reunion there in 2370.
  "Thine Own Self" - TNG.
Starbase 234
Federation starbase from which Captain Jean-Luc Picard launched his armada to blockade Romulan forces covertly supplying the Duras family during the Klingon civil war in 2367-68. Picard's task force was formed by comandeering all ships in the base's Spacedock, along with all ships within one day's travel of Starbase 234. The Enterprise-D met Admiral Brackett at Starbase 234 before preceeding with an investigation into the disappearance of Ambassador Spock in 2368.
  "Redemption, Part II" - TNG. "Unification, Part I" - TNG.
Starbase 247
Facility where Admiral Erik Pressman was held in 2370 to answer charges of violating the Treaty of Algeron. In the anti-time future created by the Q Continuum, Admiral William T. Riker was stationed at Starbase 247. The refitted Enterprise-D was deployed out of this starbase, as it was serving as the Admiral's flagship.
  "The Pegasus" - TNG. "All Good Things..." - TNG.
Starbase 257
Point of departure for the runabout USS Shenandoah NCC-73024 prior to a diplomatic mission to Ferenginar.
  "Valiant" - DS9.
Starbase 260
Destination of the Enterprise-D after its escape from the Mar Oscura Nebula in 2367.
  "In Theory" - TNG.
Starbase 295
The Enterprise-D headed to Starbase 295 after encountering the self-aware Borg in 2370.
  "Descent, Part II" - TNG.
Starbase 301
Federation starbase where the Enterprise-D traveled following a brief takeover by a Satarran operative.
  "Conumdrum" - TNG.
Starbase 310
In 2370, Captain Picard met at Starbase 310 with Admiral Nechayev to discuss the new Federation-Cardassian treaty and the mission to planet Dorvan V. Wesley Crusher also came on-board during the stopover.
  "Journey's End" - TNG.
Starbase 313
Facility visited by the Enterprise-D in 2367. The ship picked up a shipment of scientific equipment to transport to the Guernica system. Dr. Leah Brahms also came on-board the Enterprise-D during this stopover.
  "Galaxy's Child" - TNG.
Starbase 324
Admiral J.P. Hanson returned to Starbase 324 after receiving confirmation of the encroachment of the Borg into Federation space.
  "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I" - TNG.
Starbase 328
The Enterprise-D picked up viral medicines for Barson II at starbase 328.
  "Eye of the Beholder" - TNG.
Starbase 336
Station that detected an automated subspace-radio transmission in 2365 from the Klingon sleeper ship T'Ong, a matter great concern because the ship had been launched at a time when the Klingon Empire and the Federation were still at war.
  "The Emissary" - TNG.
Starbase 343
Following the completion of its mission with the Acamarians, the Enterprise-D went to Starbase 343 to take on medical supplies for the Alpha Leonis system.
  "The Vengeance Factor" - TNG.
Starbase 375
Station located near Cardassian space. In early 2374, Admiral Ross transferred Captain Benjamin Sisko from command of the USS Defiant NX-74205 to a desk job at Starbase 375. A Jem'Hadar warship, captured in 2373, was held at Starbase 375 and refurbished for use in a covert Starfleet mission against the Dominion in early 2374.
Starbase 375 was a re-use of the Regula I Space Laboratory model first seen in Star Trek II. S-375 was heavily featured in Deep Space Nine, and the episode list for this entry would be too long to list all references to it in the series.   "A Time to Stand" - DS9.
Starbase 401
The Miles O'Brien replicant created by the Paradas contacted Admiral Rollman at Starbase 401.
  "Whispers" - DS9.
Starbase 416
Destination of the Enterprise-D after leaving Ogus II because of a medical emergency in 2367.
  "Brothers" - TNG.
Starbase 440
An Ullian delegation was to disembark the Enterprise-D at Starbase 440 in order to secure transportation to their homeworld. Captain Picard chose instead to deliver the Ullians to their world on the Enterprise-D.
  "Violations" - TNG.
Starbase 495
Destination of the Enterprise-D after the attempted rescue at the planet Marijne in 2370.
  "Interface" - TNG.
Starbase 514
The SS Vico NAR-18834 was assigned out of Starbase 514 at the time of its destruction in 2368.
  "Hero Worship" - TNG.
Starbase 515
Planetside Starfleet facility located in the Scylla Sector, near the Epsilon IX Sector. Captain Picard and Wesley Crusher traveled by shuttle in 2365, when Picard underwent a cardiac-replacement procedure for his bionic heart, and Wesley took academy tests.
The exterior of Starbase 515 was a re-use of the matte painting cityscape from "Angel One" - TNG.
  "Samaritan Snare" - TNG.