The aeroshuttle is a atmospheric operations craft attached to Intrepid-class starships 24.8 meters in length and a full wingspan of 29.6 meters capable of a crew of six and a maximum speed of warp 5. The aeroshuttle is armed with four Type 4 phaser arrays and two MK 25 micro torpedo launchers. Its capabilities are similar to those of a Danube-class runabout, but the aeroshuttle is more focused on the kind of survey and support missions which require entry into and operations within planetary atmospheres. The aeroshuttle is structurally reinforced and able to operate effectively inside of a planetary atmosphere ranging from Class-D to Class-J. Not being modular, the aeroshuttle is less versatile than a runabout. However, this limitation is in keeping with the aeroshuttle's role as a support craft, rather than an independently operating small starship.

The aeroshuttle shares many systems with the Danube-class, including thruster assemblies, the impluse drive, cockpit configuration, and weapons systems. while the runabout is a faster deep space vessel, the streamlined hull and large reinforced wings of the aeroshuttle make it significantly more efficient in high speed atmospheric maneuvers and operations. The aeroshuttle also comes equipped with a variety of sensor arrays for maximum data gathering capability, particularly useful for planetary surveys. If needed the sensors can also be used for covert or reconnaissance operations.