Active Service:
   2258 -

  Captain Christopher Pike

  Captain James T. Kirk
   2258 -


The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is a Constitution-class starship built in Riverside, Iowa that was launched into service in 2258 under the command of Captain Christopher Pike.

During the Vulcan crisis Captain Pike and executive officer Commander Spock took ship with a crew supplemented by senior Academy cadets. Captain Pike was taken hostage by the Romulan Nero leaving Spock in command and cadet James Kirk a temporary field promotion to first officer. The crew was unable to save the planet Vulcan, however Commander Spock was able to rescue a few Vulcan dignitaries including Ambassador Sarek.

Kirk took command of the Enterprise after returning from Delta Vega with engineer Scott using future transporter technology provided by Ambassador Spock. Kirk took the Enterprise back to the Solar System, and using the transwarp transporter beamed aboard the Narada attacking Earth. Kirk and Spock were successful at stopping Nero and destroying the Narada. Because of his actions, Kirk was promoted to captain of the Enterprise.

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