Active Service:
   2293 -

  Captain John Harriman
   2293 -


The third starship to bear the name Enterprise was launched in 2293 on stardate 9715.5 under the command of Captain John Harriman. The Enterprise-B's maiden voyage was a publicity junket which Captain James T. Kirk, Captain Montgomery Scott, and Commander Pavel Chevok as honored guests on the new ship.

During this trip the Enterprise-B received a distress call from two Whorfin-class transport ships taking El-Aurian refugees to Earth. The transports were caught in an energy ribbon called the Nexus and were destroyed after Captain Scott was only able to rescue 47 El-Aurians. The Enterprise also got caught in the ribbon, but Captain Kirk's heroic actions saved the ship. Unfortanatly Kirk was apparently killed in the incident, unknown at the time he was living in the Nexus for the next 78 years.