Active Service:
   2151 - 2161

  Captain Jonathan Archer
   2151 - 2161


The Enterprise NX-01 was launched on April 16th, 2151 under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. It was the first ship in the Earth Starfleet vessel capable of traveling at warp 5 and the first of the NX-class. During it's first to return the Klingon Klaang to Qo'noS they came in contact with a race known as the Suliban which had been genetically enhanced beyond anything seen in the 22nd century.

Several weeks into its mission, Enterprise discovers the largest comet seen by humans. While investigating a stellar nursery, Enterprise was almost destroyed by an energy blast. The destruction of the ship was prevented by Silik who ripped out a power conduit ahead of time. Archer also learns Enterprise could play a big part in a temporal cold war spanning from the 22nd century all the way to the 31st century.

In September of 2151 the engineering crew of Enterprise installed the three phase cannons (two forward, one aft) after encountering a strange unknown alien race, even though Archer decided to head back to Jupiter Station for the installation and overhaul after leaving spacedock early for Qo'noS. Enterprise was able to overload the phase cannons to create an extra powerful blast crippling the unidentified aliens when a normal powered blast wasn't enough.

The Enterprise was decommissioned in 2161 after completing it's mission and playing an important role in the creation of the United Federation of Planets. Enterprise was also made obsolete by the newer warp 7 capable starships. After it's decommissioning Captain Archer was promoted to admiral and the Chief of Staff at Starfleet Command before retiring in 2169.

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